About Us

Upper Crust Pizza - A Very Healthy Choice

At Upper Crust, We're About Food.

Food that's Fresh, Natural & the Highest Quality.

Beginning in 1981, we have always been passionate about the quality and healthy ingredients used in making our pizzas.

We have been blending our mozzarella cheese for over 20 years to create a combination that has less fat.

We make our dough fresh daily using hi-gluten unbleached wheat flour that produces a crust consisting of complex carbohydrates.
A whole wheat crust is also available.

We cut our vegetables daily to give you fresh, crisp mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers and diced tomatoes.

For our pizza sauce, we use fresh packed tomatoes, minimally processed to preserve the natural enzymes and taste, released as your pizza is being baked.


At Upper Crust, "Fresh" means "Fresh".
Never "Fresh Frozen" or "Fresh, Once-Upon-a-Time".

At Upper Crust,
"Fresh" means "Fresh Today" ... and Every Day!

So join us for Lunch or Dinner
or call ahead and we'll have your order ready when you arrive.
(760) 941-0081



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